Bring in the Good Vibez w/ Basil

Time to get a little supernatural – folk medicine kitchen style.

Today’s topic is: Good Vibez. What exactly do I mean by good vibez? When I say good vibez for me it coincides with having good energy.

I find that one way to insure good vibez is through the foods I eat, also via things I surround my self with or put into my atmosphere. For example: basil.

Basil’s origins are located in central Africa and some parts of south east Asia. And no I am not talking about Holy Basil which is a completely different herb.

The basil I am discussing is also known as “St. Joseph’s Wort” and it is an herb used in many popular recipes (I love to use it when baking fish or for other seafood dishes)!

Basil is also an herb used as a “bad vibe remover”: Seriously.

Some people use the oil of basil or the leaf itself to cleanse the air since it has antibacterial properties.

Basil is also used to remove feelings of anxiety and minor depressive mood via burning (burning basil releases the leaf’s linalool into the air and it works to regulate the brain’s neurotransmitters and provides anti-stress benefits).

I usually dry out fresh basil by placing some leaves on a piece of paper-towel and then placing the piece of paper-towel with the basil leaves inside of a freezer bag in the refrigerator overnight: That way my leaves are dried out enough to burn.

If you don’t want to go the “ol’ skool” route – you can simply purchase basil leaf essential oil and diffuse the oil into the air.

**If you decide to reap the benefits of basil by burning the leaves, be sure to use a flame resistant container to catch the ashes from the leaf as it burns and falls — also open a window to ventilate the area where you will be burning your basil leaf to help the basil’s smoke cleanse out the negative vibez and welcome the good vibez .**