Utilizing Folk Medicine Remedies to Jump Start Fat and Weight Loss

Using folk medicine remedies may improve overall health for most; specifically in the quest for fat and weight loss.

According to the CDC, over 30% of adults in the US are categorized as overweight or obese.

Being overweight or obese can increase a person’s chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as skin disorders and joint problems.

There is no clinical cure for being overweight or obese, however there are folk medicine remedies that CAN help cure obesity.

Water: Drinking your body’s necessary water intake can help jump start fat/weight loss efforts. When a person does not receive enough water, water retention can set in and the body’s ability to function properly slows down.

For anyone wanting to lose excess fat/weight in regards to overall health, drinking six to eight ounces of water upon waking up in the morning to hydrate the body will help. Also, depending upon individual body weight and activity level a person can gauge specific water intake. But usually drinking up to eight glasses of water a day is recommended.

Folk Medicine Kitchen Tidbit: **Adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into your water once a day can improve your body’s metabolism and help with detoxifying the body.**

Fruits and Veggies: Making lifestyle changes via increasing fruit and veggie intake can lower body weight and improve fat loss in a positive way!

For three reasons — fruits and veggies are low in calories, they have a lot of nutrients required for the body to function and they are high in fiber.

Some fruits and veggies to add to your lifestyle include apples, avocados, bananas, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, collards, dandelion, honeydews, onions, tomatoes, watermelons and zucchini.

Knowledge: Gaining knowledge about food and doing your research about the content of the foods consumed can help with decreasing fat/weight loss. Also, for most, trial and error (because no one body is the same and no one food or regimen will work for all people) is another useful key.

More on the last folk medicine remedy suggestion soon.

Take care,

Heather 🙂

Three Folk Medicine Foods for Pernicious Anemia…

Anemia is usually a term used when explaining iron deficiency – but there is another type of anemia that some may be unfamiliar with: Pernicious anemia.

Pernicious anemia is caused a vitamin B-12 deficiency and it occurs when the blood cells grow to a larger than normal size and doesn’t divide to make new blood cells, which causes the body to not function properly.

Blood cells carry oxygen through the body and when a person suffers from pernicious anemia they can experience dizziness, muscular weakness and shortness of breath.

People with pernicious anemia usually take B-12 supplements to correct their B-12 deficiency, however, adequate amounts of B-12 can be found naturally through many foods used for folk medicine.

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Three types of folk medicine foods to help combat pernicious anemia include:

  • Leafy Vegetables, ex: collard greens and spinach (are also rich in folate).

  • Fish, especially tuna, which contains over 42% of the recommended daily allowance of B-12.

  • Poultry, specifically chicken and turkey.

If you think you are running low on Vitamin B-12, try the above foods and you will physically and mentally feel (for the better) the difference!

Two Folk Medicine Remedies for Mild Dehydration

As we move closer to the summer months, temperatures across the United States will steadily increase, which means more heat and less moisture.

I live in the Charlotte, NC area and over the past few days, temperatures have spiked to over 90 degrees (a little over 32.2 degrees celsius) — so drinking enough fluid is essential, especially as an active person. Unfortunately, most people in the US walk around mildly dehydrated and do not know it.

Signs of mild dehydration include headaches, dry eyes, muscle cramps, infrequent urination, dizziness and fatigue. But don’t fret– mild dehydration can be easily cured at home, with two Folk Medicine remedies.

Fruit: Including more fruit in your daily diet not only gives your body the essential vitamins and nutrients it screams for — fruits contain natural salts and sugars (fruit sugar is not table sugar) to reestablish your body’s electrolytes. Electrolytes are important to keep you hydrated to keep important bodily processes working as they should.

Juicy fruits, like watermelons, mangoes, plums and peaches (any fruit that has high water content) are recommended.

Water: Now of course, we can’t cure dehydration without water, right??

Did you know, the average adult body is made up of over 55% water?

If you lose as little as 1% of that water you can easily feel the symptoms of dehydration.

To avoid dehydration, know how much water you need. There is a simple calculation you can use to determine your specific daily water intake needs, which is “your body weight multiplied by .5“.

For example: 175 lbs x .5 = 87.5 ounces of water per day.

Now you could possibly need more, depending on your activity levels and/or any certain conditions your body is in (such as pregnancy).

With that being said– stay hydrated and stay safe this Memorial Day weekend.