Spring Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a type of folk work that originates in China. I feel most cultures have their own type of “feng shui” — however, I will focus on this particular type of geomancy (a form of deviation used by almost all cultures for positive impact upon one’s life).

Feng Shui attempts to harmonize and reorganize the energy in a person or persons’ environment to bring about positive energy.

Now, spring is a few weeks away and what spring represents for some is renewed change. Renewed change is necessary regardless of which facets of life the change occurs in – you just have to make the decision on which changes are best for you (but that is a more in-depth blog for another post).

So… what is spring feng shui?

When I “spring feng shui” I do a cleansing of my home with palo santo and white sage: I also spring feng shui by renewing my herb and seasoning rations in my kitchen.

That being said, refurbishing your herbs and seasonings stash is important for anyone using that uses them to flavor their food and for those who use natural herbs to create folk remedies.

Why is it important?

Renewing your bounty of folk medicine ingredients brings the action of “old with the old and in with the new”, which can bring in good energy – especially concerning things that will be used on and inside the body.

Below are a few examples of how to Spring Feng Shui your kitchen:

  1. Clean out your cupboards and pantries – we all have old items/products that may have expired or we are not using anymore.

2. Make an inventory, either in your mind or on paper, of what newer

items you want to introduce into your kitchen vs which staple herbs

you will be keeping or throwing out.

3. Choose herbs that are beneficial for your folk medicine needs (ex: chamomile,

ginger, milk thristle, etc).

This is only a brief rundown on how to spring feng shui your kitchen space, however you will find that it can be the little things that can make a difference in so much of the bigger picture.