Folk Medicine Consultancy

Folk Medicine Consultancy is a service provided by Heather Emerson of Folk Medicine Kitchen.

Folk Medicine Consultancy offers 1-on-1 support for individuals that want to learn more about Folk Medicine and reasonable ways to incorporate Folk Medicine into daily lifestyle behaviors.

Whether it is questions about food ingredients, inquiries in reference to specific vitamins and/or minerals, recipes, etc., Folk Medicine Consultancy offers support in making positive changes that are based on an individual’s/family’s specific needs, lifestyle preferences and background.

60 minute Initial Consults w/o monthly commitment: $145

45 minute al a carte follow-ups w/o monthly commitment: $99

Family consultations are for family members living within the same household with up to 2 people.

**Coaching packages are available (includes initial consult visit and 1 follow-up session the first month, 2 follow-ups sessions every two weeks after first month) at a discount with a three month minimum commitment**.

Payment(s) are due before services are rendered.

For any questions about consult scheduling/package pricing, send us a message.