CuisinArt Advantage 12-PC Knife Set

Hi everyone. I reviewed the CuisinArt Advantage 12-PC Knife Set (my apologizes for not posting sooner ).

That being said, I have to say …without sounding like a psycho…

The knives are really fun to use: Seriously. For the longest time, I needed a set of knives–knives that actually cut something! The set of knives that I had were my husband’s before he became my husband, which was over 10 years ago. And those knives needed to be replaced.

So, finally after all these years I said, I am going to buy a really nice set of knives — as simple as that.

The CuisinArt Advantage 12-PC Knife Set comes with six knives and the knives come with six knife covers ( 6+6= 12). The knives and their covers come in an array of cool colors which serve appealing to the eyes and also for safety, to lessen the likely hood of cross contamination.

Paring Knife: The paring knife is blue.

The paring knife is a dream. Small in stature but gets the job done without taking off too much of the “meat” off of the veggies and fruit. **I used kiwi fruit for the paring knife demo**.

Utility Knife: This knife is indigo.

For the utility knife demo, I took a box and cut it with the utility knife. Needless to say, it works fine–sharp and doesn’t snag.

Santoku Knife: This knife is green.

I am not a knife connoisseur so I am just now learning about the different types of knives and what they are called and used for; such as the Santoku knife, which originated in Japan.

The name “santoku” means “three virtues”. Using this knife was fairly easy. I found that it was extremely light weight, even in comparison to using the paring knife.

Bread Knife: This knife is yellow. I made a video of the epic slicing of the bread, however I was having a few issues with the resolution size, so I took a screenshot.

This knife was literal butter for bread (pun intended), meaning it cut effortlessly.

Slicing Knife: This knife is red. I used this knife to slice some grass fed beef — just ground hamburger, but the knife was easy to handle and use.

Chef Knife: This knife is purple. Like the Santoku knife demo, it was used to slice up mushrooms and cherry tomatoes to bake in the oven — of course the Chef knife did a fine job.

You can get this Cuisinart Advantage 12-PC Knife Set on Amazon. It is a really nice, purposeful and stylish set that is truly affordable, in my humble opinion, for almost everyone!

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A Folk Medicine Staple All of You Should Be Using…

I am sure a few of you have grown up with some type of folk medicine ingredient to help make your daily life a little easier. A couple of common folk medicine ingredient examples is the use of honey as cough medicine and olive oil drops in the ear canal to soothe the pain for ear infection relief. However, there is one ingredient that I believe everyone should have as a folk medicine staple in their kitchen.

Drum roll, please…

Distilled vinegar.

So, why is distilled vinegar a folk medicine staple that I think all of you should have on deck?

For a few reasons, of course: Distilled vinegar can be used to clean glassware and windows. It can also be used as a fat loss aid. Hell, even hospitals are now using distilled vinegar as a way to disinfect and sanitize their emergency rooms!

So, what makes distilled vinegar a beneficial staple? Well, the vinegar contains a powerful ingredient called acetic acid which has been proven to kill certain types of harmful bacteria, lower blood sugar, decrease high cholesterol levels and decrease instances of high blood pressure for some individuals.

Now — you will want to purchase the type of vinegar that has low acidity. The safest distilled vinegar has a maximum of 5% acetic acid, and even then, you do not want to take a spoonful of it without first diluting it in water, or it will literally take your breath away.

For example, I take a half teaspoon of distilled vinegar and combine it with 6 to 8 ounces of purified water first thing in the morning. I also use distilled vinegar to wash my raw meats before cooking to remove excess goo and to add a little flavor to my food.

Now, like anything else, you want to use caution when ingesting vinegar(s), since vinegar’s acid can erode tooth enamel and can cause ulcers when taken in excess.

You can purchase vinegar at nearly any and every store, and it is relatively inexpensive. So, if you have no distilled vinegar in your home, think about investing in some — it is a folk medicine kitchen staple that you will be glad to have around.