Defeating Hives and Angioedema with Folk Medicine Kitchen Remedies

If you suffer from hives or angioedema (swelling underneath the skin), you may be aware of the pain and inconvenience of both conditions.

Although hives and angioedema are its own solitary condition, both conditions may occur simultaneously.

Signs and symptoms of hives and angioedema include itchiness, swelling, oozing after any breaks in the skin, small, raised red bumps, rash and dry scaly skin.

Fortunately, there are a few Folk Medicine Kitchen remedies available which may ease the discomfort in mild hive and angioedema cases:


Some hives and angioedema causes are allergy related. If you have an allergy that causes either condition (ex: caffeine allergy, poison ivy, certain clothes detergents, etc.), it is best to use old fashioned common sense and avoid whatever culprit is causing the immune system to go into a frenzy which produces such skin eruptions.

Himalayan Salt Water Rinse

Himalayan salt is derived from Pakistan. It is pink in color and provides detoxification of the air and also on the skin. When added to water you can create a rinse that can be applied to areas affected by hives or angioedema to sanitize the areas and to decrease instances of bacterial overgrowth.

**Black Hawaiian Salt and Sea Salt can be substituted, however avoid traditional table salt.**


Zinc deficiency can cause hives, eczema, dry skin, slow wound healing and other skin conditions. It is a necessary mineral that is not stored in human body. The nutrient must be acquired through natural food and sometimes supplementation.

Foods that are packed with zinc include shrimp, crab, kale, chicken, whole wheat and pumpkin seeds.

Ease the Pain of Eczema with this Folk Medicine Remedy!

Eczema can be caused by an array of things; from allergies to hormonal imbalances to being stressed out.

Signs of eczema include:

  • itching
  • dark, dry skin patches
  • rash, forming a cluster of red, raised bumps.

I have suffered from eczema every so often throughout the years, however over the past year my eczema flare ups were becoming worse. I tried everything to which I found that changing my diet helped a lot and also topical folk remedies worked wonders for healing any burning and skin cracking that occurred.

Some folk medicine remedies that can stave off or soothe eczema flare are narrowing down any outside sources than cause eczema outbreaks, such as detergents or lotions, avocado oil, coconut oil and honey.

I personally tried coconut oil (which does work to take the intense itching away) but it will ruin clothes if you are not careful.

I also tried raw honey, which is a natural antibiotic, however only at night, because it can be messy as well.

But… I also tried a commercial product that is crafted with natural ingredients, which has high grade honey: Egyptian Magic.

I purchased Egyptian Magic initially because I read a review about it online and decided to try it.

Aside from making sure any open wounds were cleaned and bandaged, my skin still felt dry. It was also severely cracked, burned like fire and made a lot of every day tasks uncomfortable.

Here is a picture of my hands with the worst eczema flare up a few months ago:

I still have some scaring from the eczema, however, using Egyptian Magic has done wonders by taking away any urge to scratch due to the itching, cracking and burning that are caused by eczema.

Also, the Egyptian Magic isn’t just for eczema flare ups, I also use it for any minor scratches that can come from day to day activities and it’s so gentle that I use it on my five year old’s skin when she has any boo-boos and my husband’s skin if he has any scrapes that happened while he was at work!

IMHO, Egyptian Magic is affordable and will last a while (it lasts around 2 months for me to use it all) and it is worth every penny!

If you suffer from eczema or skin irritations and want fast relief, Egyptian Magic makes a great “go to” product.

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