WMF Review & Father’s Day Brunch Recipe

Hi Everyone — I have been holding out on the WMF cookware review, but I finally had a chance to use the items that I purchased. I also crafted a Father’s Day Brunch recipe that will make that special father in your life feel all warm, full and fuzzy on his special day. Now, focusing…


What To Do With Old Bananas…

Make a refreshing, lite, potassium and magnesium -filled dessert with a “past its prime” banana. You need only three ingredients: One 🍌, 1 graham cracker and a hefty helping of Cocowhip lite. Just mix all together and enjoy OR… you can bake it for 10 minutes in the oven with a temperature of 350 degrees.

Review this Week..

Hi Everyone! I’ll be reviewing a piece of WMF Cookware, which will be up this week (along with a recipe that will be perfect for Father’s Day)! Stay tuned, -Heather