Add Some (Folk Medicine) Flavor to Your Foods

When you think of folk medicine and food together, what do you think of?

Bland? Earthy? Not appetizing?

I know of a few people that think eating natural foods their absolute natural state is not very tasty, however anything worth enjoying requires effort.

If you have similar thoughts about using folk medicine in your cooking and want to start enjoying folk medicine foods more, learning how to flavor your food is key.

Sea Salt:

There are different types of salt out there, however you want to avoid the traditional table salt, since that is not very good for the human body to process.

Natural sea salt actually decreases bodily inflammation and boosts the body’s immunity response. Sea salt is best and it goes well (IMHO) with chicken, turkey and most vegetables.

Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper if for you if you like hot and fiery flavor. Cayenne peppers contains capsaicin, which is proven to lower blood pressure and joint pain.

I recommend using only a dash of cayenne pepper to add loads of flavor and adding it to mushrooms, spinach and even tomatoes!

Black Pepper:

Black pepper adds a little spice that warms up your food with subtle flavor, just without the burn. Black pepper contains piperine, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to stave off certain types of headaches! Black pepper also helps the body to absorb certain nutrients in the body.

Black pepper goes great with, grass-fed beef, fish and most other sea food.

Try these three seasonings the next time you prepare a dish and discover a whole new experience that takes you from bland to flavorful.

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