Three Folk Medicine Foods for Pernicious Anemia…

Anemia is usually a term used when explaining iron deficiency – but there is another type of anemia that some may be unfamiliar with: Pernicious anemia.

Pernicious anemia is caused a vitamin B-12 deficiency and it occurs when the blood cells grow to a larger than normal size and doesn’t divide to make new blood cells, which causes the body to not function properly.

Blood cells carry oxygen through the body and when a person suffers from pernicious anemia they can experience dizziness, muscular weakness and shortness of breath.

People with pernicious anemia usually take B-12 supplements to correct their B-12 deficiency, however, adequate amounts of B-12 can be found naturally through many foods used for folk medicine.

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Three types of folk medicine foods to help combat pernicious anemia include:

  • Leafy Vegetables, ex: collard greens and spinach (are also rich in folate).

  • Fish, especially tuna, which contains over 42% of the recommended daily allowance of B-12.

  • Poultry, specifically chicken and turkey.

If you think you are running low on Vitamin B-12, try the above foods and you will physically and mentally feel (for the better) the difference!

A Folk Medicine Staple All of You Should Be Using…

I am sure a few of you have grown up with some type of folk medicine ingredient to help make your daily life a little easier. A couple of common folk medicine ingredient examples is the use of honey as cough medicine and olive oil drops in the ear canal to soothe the pain for ear infection relief. However, there is one ingredient that I believe everyone should have as a folk medicine staple in their kitchen.

Drum roll, please…

Distilled vinegar.

So, why is distilled vinegar a folk medicine staple that I think all of you should have on deck?

For a few reasons, of course: Distilled vinegar can be used to clean glassware and windows. It can also be used as a fat loss aid. Hell, even hospitals are now using distilled vinegar as a way to disinfect and sanitize their emergency rooms!

So, what makes distilled vinegar a beneficial staple? Well, the vinegar contains a powerful ingredient called acetic acid which has been proven to kill certain types of harmful bacteria, lower blood sugar, decrease high cholesterol levels and decrease instances of high blood pressure for some individuals.

Now — you will want to purchase the type of vinegar that has low acidity. The safest distilled vinegar has a maximum of 5% acetic acid, and even then, you do not want to take a spoonful of it without first diluting it in water, or it will literally take your breath away.

For example, I take a half teaspoon of distilled vinegar and combine it with 6 to 8 ounces of purified water first thing in the morning. I also use distilled vinegar to wash my raw meats before cooking to remove excess goo and to add a little flavor to my food.

Now, like anything else, you want to use caution when ingesting vinegar(s), since vinegar’s acid can erode tooth enamel and can cause ulcers when taken in excess.

You can purchase vinegar at nearly any and every store, and it is relatively inexpensive. So, if you have no distilled vinegar in your home, think about investing in some — it is a folk medicine kitchen staple that you will be glad to have around.