Garlic: “The Tiny Fighter”.

When I was a small child, my grandmother would occasionally have one 8 oz mason jar in her fridge.

In that mason jar, was garlic tea.

The tea she concocted came from a few cloves of fresh garlic that she had grown and maybe two to three cups of hot, boiled water.

The tea was freshly brewed and she would use it as a cold/flu preventative, especially during the fall and winter months.

Now — my grandmother didn’t drink or force anyone to drink a mason jar full of tea in one sitting — she would give the garlic tea in doses of one or two teaspoonfuls once or twice a day; and for me, I would have one teaspoonful once or twice a week, if that.

I am proud to say that my immune system must have benefited from the garlic tea preparation because I was rarely sick.

So, what are other benefits of this tiny fighter besides being a cold and flu preventative?

Garlic has antibacterial properties, antiviral properties and has the ability to kill parasites that can infiltrate the human body.

Do you remember any special remedy that has been passed down through the lines of your family that promotes overall health?

If so, let me know, below.