Hi There…

Hi – my name is Heather Emerson.

I am a mom, wife, educator and former fitness professional in the Charlotte, NC area who loves folk medicine.

I grew up with a wonderful grandmother, whom I was blessed to have for over 19 years, who taught me a few simple basics of folk medicine, which she used to help heal her family, and herself, during times of illness and/or needed nourishment.

Over the years, I have honed in my own skills through reading, earning certifications and trial and error by applying folk medicine remedies to my own life. All my experiences thus far have helped my family and friends who request some of my folk medicine knowledge.

This is my first blog – and first blog post here – so this is exciting.

In a few, I will give you a blog to help you prepare for the Spring season.

So, have a great day and stay tuned!